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All of our sourdough is naturally leavened using Canadian sourced flour. This means that we only use wild yeasts to produce our bread.

There is no fresh yeast, brewers yeast, dry yeast or commercially produced yeasts. We don't believe in taking any shortcuts when producing sourdough. This reflects in the taste, texture and beneficial bacteria found within the product.

Why do we do this? There are lots of benefits to eating sourdough vs. commercially produced yeasted bread.

  • The acidity in the dough is higher, which will lead to a longer shelf life.
  • The fermentation process is longer which will lead to a finer and regular gluten structure.
  • Due to the reaction of amino acids with glucose during baking, the flavours and aromas will be more intense.
  • The molecules will be simply formed due to a long fermentation, this will lead to an easier digestibility.
  • Due to a long fermentation, the gluten is broken down even further than conventional methods. Which leads to a more digestible product.
  • Because of the enzymatic action during the fermentation, the starch is broken down releasing the natural sugars found within the starch. This aids in giving a deeper flavour of wheat.